Layout TD skillset: from set blocking, set extension and set dressing to
staging of shots, camera solve, take over and animation. Always working
closely with other departments to provide continuity and efficiency
across scenes.

Generalist skillset: modelling, animation, lighting and compositing.

Relevant software skills: Maya, Nuke, Shotgun


Iloura / Senior Layout TD

August 2017 - Present, Melbourne, AU

Wet igita / ayout TD

August 2016 - June 2017, Wellington, NZ

MP / ayout TD

June 2016 - July 2016, London, UK

Doubl egativ / ayout TD - Generalist

March 2016 - May 2016, London, UK

MP / ayout TD - Environments

December 2014 - February 2016, London, UK

Prim ocu / eneralist

February 2011 - November 2014, London, UK

Petro / eneralist - Motion Designer

April 2010 - September 2010, London, UK

Lore psu rou / unior Generalist

Arpil 2009 - June 2009, Barcelona, ES


Escap tudio / utodes aya

2014, London UK

Maya mindset and workflow

Universit ondo / Creative Programming

2009, London UK

Creative programming for apps and games with Processing (Java)

Lore psu rou / Animation

2009, Barcelona, ES

Animation principles.

Universita bert ataluny / Film and Sound Design

2009, Barcelona, ES

Film and animation movies theory + design and creation of digital sound

BC isualsoun / Video creation and Stop Motion

2008, Barcelona, ES

Stop motion techniques workshop..

ero arcelon / 3D animation production

2005 - 2006, Barcelona, ES

Full 3D software techniques.

Languages and interests

English, Spanish and Catalan

Adventure travel, video games, dance, photography.